Deep Sea Drifter-JellyFish Sculpture, Wall Art, Ocean Art, aluminum pod body-tentacles with copper optics

$ 425.00

Deep Sea Drifter. This sea creature sculpture is not specific to any particular species. It's a deep sea trolling, low-light thriving specimen.  It has evolved with multiple optics to navigate the blackness and two layers of tentacles for efficient foraging.

  • Design: Three hammered-welded aluminum pods with multiple optics, connected with two sets of intertwined receptor-tentacles. Material: Aluminum (body and tentacles). Copper (eyes/optics).

  • Overall Size: 32 inches in length.

  • Main Body Size: 16 inches in length.

  • Body Depth: 2 inches.

  • Overall Depth with tentacles: 5 inches.

  • Body Width: 6 1/2 inches.

  • Tentacle Mesh width: 8 inches.

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Designed and created by award-winning sculptor Paul Shampine.

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