BLACK EYED SEA SKIMMER abstract copper-aluminum ocean creature wall sculpture, sea creature wall art

$ 375.00

Black Eyed Sea Skimmer, abstract wall sculpture, lightweight brushed aluminum frame with heat-treated copper body, abstract ocean life.

  • Design: Three tig welded aluminum arms/extensions with optical features. Center pupil is heavily oxidized copper. All tig welded to a aluminum circular trunk that holds a heat-treated/oxidized copper inner body (magenta,plum,eggplants,sky blue,cornflower, sage).

  • Material: Aluminum (frame/outer optics/arms). Copper (inner eye-pupil, inner body).

  • Orientation: Primarily horizontal but certainly lends to an equally interesting vertical presentation.

  • Size (horizontal orientation): Width-14 inches, Height-11 inches, Depth 4 inches.

  • Wired for immediate hanging.

  • Ready to ship. Free shipping.

  • Designed and created by award-winning sculptor Paul Shampine.

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