Paul Shampine

It’Outdoor Sculpture Aluminum Sculpture Sustainable Sculpture by Paul Shampines my affinity with Nature that creates my desire to be a self-contained, sustainable artist. Although I’ve been creating art for more than 20 years, dating back to a creative staircase at The Distillery in Boston, I try re-inventing myself at every opportunity.  I enjoy pushing myself to discover new, untraditional ways to express my ideologies, inner thoughts and emotions visually.

My goal is to explore and discover new techniques everypaul shampine sculpture wall art organic forms day.  I use a blow torch on my canvases to create texture and movement and mix non-ferrous metals (copper & aluminum) whose properties do not play nice together to create unique sculptures with organic forms, brilliant patination and deep tones.

All with the Spirit of Sustainability, I make my own ocean harvest acrylic painting sea oceanlifecanvases from certified organic cotton and frames from flea market finds and other reclaimed material. The excess material I create from my sculptures eventually findswearable  itself either hanging from a black leather strap (the true genesis of my necklace pendants) or in a mixed media painting (aluminum and copper dust particles disbursed from grinding metal/sculpture welds).

My pendant creations often serve as platform fOutdoor Sculpture stone steel sculpture by Paul Shampineor discovering new shapes and textures, all working back to my sculptures and paintings.  A true full-circle of material and creativity.