DUUD Stuff

Founded by contemporary abstract eco-artist, Paul Shampine, Paul Shampine Spartan Race Fenway ParkDUUDStuff.com is a Men's lifestyle eco-product line specifically created for men, guys, dudes and gentlemen alike.  Men that use the outdoors for their playground.  Men that treat the environment with respect and actively preserve, reuse, recycle and conserve.  

That's why a percentage of proceeds from DUUDstuff.com go to qualified not-for-profit 501(c)3 organizations dedicated to fixing our today for a better and healthier tomorrow (1). 

The Men’s Necklace Collection is designed and hand-forged exclusively by awardFormula 1 Tire recycled materials from DUUDstuff -winning eco-artist Paul Shampine.  Necklace pendants and the AERO-Gravity keychains are solely made from reclaimed material (aluminum and copper).  Other materials range from Army surplus paracord and keyrings to a Formula 1 tire.

New Wave abstract contemporary painting blue Most of Paul’s work, including a collection of contemporary abstract paintings and sculpture are themed around his active lifestyle as a triathlete and his personal connection with nature and Her preservation.  

From the artist..."The definition of “sustainable art” is quite broad. For me, it started 20 years ago with a rusted, ruby red Boston Distillery stairway entrance designed by ecoartist Paul ShampineFord F150 pickup creeping through South Boston, negotiating a small scrap yard of assorted metals bouncing in the back.  

Designing The Distillery entrance was my first eco-public project (1998) and the start of what I love doing to this day…transforming post-consumer/industrial waste into something aesthetically pleasing and of value.

Since then, I've been fortunate enough to have had my sculpture on a NYC movie set, created a collection of eco-friendly contemporary abstract paintings and launched Wearable Sculptures, another eco-friendly jewelry line for women.

(1)Our featured beneficiary is The Ocean Cleanup (TOC). Known for their innovative ocean waste management system, TOC has pioneered a new passive plastic waste gathering system. Proceeds from the sale of men’s necklaces and accessories on DUUDstuff.com will be remitted directly to TOC to assist their efforts and research.